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Forecast suggests 2 hurricanes could be in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time next week

Not one, but two hurricanes could be in the Gulf of Mexico at once next week as 2020's historically busy season continues.

The National Hurricane Center's forecasting suggests that two hurricanes may both be in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday and could make landfall at roughly the same time, ABC News reports. Tropical Storm Laura was officially named on Friday, becoming the earliest L-named storm ever, per The Washington Post.

According to the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center, there have only been "a few times in recorded history where two tropical cyclones have shared the Gulf of Mexico," with the last similar example being in 1933. Based on the latest forecasts, Louisiana could "be in the path of two potential hurricanes that could make landfall within hours of each other," USA Today writes.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration previously forecast that this year's Atlantic hurricane season could have between 19 and 25 named storms. For comparison, an average season has 12 named storms.