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Trump Taxes

Trump calls report on taxes 'totally fake news,' says IRS treats him 'very, very badly'

President Trump on Sunday said The New York Times' report on his tax returns is "totally fake news."

The Times obtained tax return data extending for more than two decades, which shows Trump has largely avoided paying taxes because he reported losing substantially more than he made. Trump was asked about the Times' report during a press conference, and he responded, "Actually, I pay taxes. You'll see that as soon as my tax returns, they're under audit, they've been under audit for a long time." He went on to accuse the Internal Revenue Service of treating him "very, very badly," adding that he will be "proud to show" his returns once they are no longer being audited.

The IRS audits every sitting president's returns, and has said individuals are allowed to make their tax returns public while an audit is being conducted.