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Several Trump rallygoers hospitalized after being stranded in freezing temperatures

A Trump rally with unreliable transportation has left several people in the hospital.

On Tuesday night, thousands of President Trump's supporters gathered at the Omaha, Nebraska, airport for a campaign rally, with many bused in from distant parking lots. But when the speech ended and temperatures fell close to freezing, those buses didn't come back.

After Trump wrapped his rally around 9 p.m., a bigger-than-expected crowd had slowed traffic to a one-way crawl, the Omaha World Herald's Aaron Sanderford noted. The buses struggled to get back and forth from the rally to the parking lots, leaving attendees waiting in the cold. Police tried to help the elderly, children, and other at-risk attendees to warmth. But at least seven of those rallygoers ended up heading to the hospital, with medics reporting some severe symptoms among the elderly, says Omaha Scanner, which tweets out official radio information.

Trump has long boasted about his invulnerability to scandals, including hypotheticals that could hurt people. The Washington Post's Ashley Parker questioned whether this one could be a turning point. Kathryn Krawczyk