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Missing dog surprises owner by walking into her work

June Rountree spent weeks imagining being reunited with her missing dog, Abby, but not once did she think it would involve the pup tracking her down at work.

On Nov. 8, Abby got loose from Rountree's backyard in Dothan, Alabama. Rountree and her husband immediately began searching for Abby, putting up flyers and asking neighbors if they had spotted her. Rountree is a cashier at a Walmart less than two miles from her home, and while at work on Nov. 28, she heard a flurry of activity by the ice machine and saw that customers and employees were chasing a dog that had walked into the store.

As the dog came closer to her register, Rountree saw that it looked a lot like Abby, and when she called out, the pup came running. "I was in complete shock and just couldn't believe it," Rountree told The Washington Post. She explained to the crowd that this was her dog Abby and she had been missing for three weeks. Rountree said she's worked at the Walmart for 10 years, and while Abby has been to the parking lot, she's never been inside the store.

Rountree has no idea where Abby was or how she wound up walking into her work, but isn't asking any questions — she's just glad her dog is home. "It really is just unbelievable," Rountree told the Post. "It's like a dream. You can't make this stuff up."