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Arizona's Republican Party asks followers if they're willing to die to 'Stop the Steal'

Arizona's Republican Party has a disturbing call to action for its followers.

Ever since the typically red state flipped for President-elect Joe Biden, some supporters of President Trump, including a legal team for his campaign, have been spreading baseless claims that voter fraud cost Trump the election. Those "Stop the Steal" backers got a big boost Tuesday, as Arizona's Republican Party retweeted a call for followers to be ready to "give [their] life for this fight."

Shortly after, the Arizona GOP Twitter shared a clip of the fourth Rambo movie, where Sylvester Stallone's character tells his posse to "live for nothing, or die for something."

Despite all the "Stop the Steal" campaign's memes and press conferences, Trump's backers have failed to win any meaningful court cases aimed at throwing out votes they claimed were fraudulent. Most states have certified their election results to give Biden the win, and the Electoral College will confirm it next week.