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It wasn't all bad

10-year-old who loves nail polish creates her own line of products for kids

Khiley Braxton celebrated her 10th birthday by launching her own business.

The Long Beach, California, resident and her family were going to take a trip in June for her milestone birthday, but the getaway was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Khiley's mom, Khrystle Braxton, told ABC 7 Los Angeles that after talking with her daughter, she decided to use the vacation money to help Khiley realize her dream of starting a nail polish company.

Khiley is now the owner and CEO of Sissy B. Nails. The company offers 18 different nail polish colors, with Khiley personally naming each one herself. All of the kid-friendly polishes are water-based, as well as scent-free and toxin-free. The nail polishes are sold online, plus at a salon in Long Beach. Khiley told ABC 7 she's a new entrepreneur, but has already learned a very valuable lesson about business: "If you never give up and you don't shut down, you can be very successful."