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Scottish leader scuttles Trump's rumored Inauguration Day getaway: Golf is 'not … an essential purpose'

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday said she has "no idea" whether President Trump is actually planning to travel to the country on Jan. 19 — a day before Inauguration Day — but if the rumors are accurate, it sounds like Scotland's national lockdown rules will be the same for him.

"We are not allowing people to come into Scotland now without an essential purpose, which would apply to him, just as it applies to everyone else," Sturgeon said during a press briefing. "Coming to play golf is not what I would consider an essential purpose."

The Sunday Post, a newspaper in Scotland, previously reported Glasgow Prestwick Airport "has been told to expect expect the arrival of a U.S. military Boeing 757 aircraft, that is occasionally used by Trump" on Jan. 19, indicating he may be attempting to visit his golf resort in the Western part of the country, but there has been no confirmation from the president's team, The Washington Post notes.

Trump's Inauguration Day plans are the subject of much speculation, with some people suggesting he plans to get out of town before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in, while others think he may be planning a counter-rally.