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It wasn't all bad

Woman starts a sanctuary at her home after a goat wandered up her driveway

The day Marvin walked up her driveway and made himself at home, Meagan Frederick knew it was finally time to realize her dream of owning a goat.

"I kind of took it as a sign that the universe was saying, 'This is your goat,'" Frederick, a New York resident, told Good Morning America. She believes Marvin originally lived at a summer camp, and was then abandoned in the woods. Once he was settled, Frederick and her husband started putting up fencing and building structures in order to open a larger goat sanctuary.

This was seven years ago, and today, the Frederick Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary is home to eight goats, lots of chickens, and several dogs. From the start, Marvin enjoyed snuggling with Frederick, and she told GMA he "just loves connection and he loves attention."

The sanctuary is open to the public, although because of the pandemic it is only offering virtual visits and tours to small groups. Frederick said as people watch and play with the goats, they get to see how smart and curious and playful they are, giving them new perspectives on farm animals. "That's a gift that I'm able share them in that way with people," she said. Catherine Garcia