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FBI: Pipe bombs were placed at RNC and DNC headquarters night before Capitol riot

The FBI is seeking information from the public on a suspect alleged to have placed two pipe bombs in Washington, D.C., the night before this month's Capitol riot.

The FBI said Friday that an individual allegedly placed a pipe bomb at the Republican National Committee headquarters and another at the Democratic National Committee headquarters between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Jan 5., the night before the deadly attack on the Capitol building that left five people dead.

"The unknown individual wore a face mask, a grey hooded sweatshirt, and Nike Air Max Speed Turf shoes in yellow, black, and gray," the FBI said. "The individual carried a backpack in their hand."

According to The Washington Post, which on Friday published video of the suspect, the FBI has interviewed over 1,000 people as part of its investigation. The two bombs were discovered on the afternoon of the riot and were defused by experts, NBC News reports, but according to CNN, "it's still unknown why the devices did not explode."

Authorities are now offering an increased reward of up to $100,000, raised from $75,000, for information leading to the suspect's arrest.