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Late night hosts gawk at Miami Beach's Spring Break crowds, put Biden's stair stumbles in context

"Not only is it March Madness, it's also Spring Break seasons, but over the weekend Miami declared a state of emergency and mandated a curfew due to COVID concerns," Jimmy Fallon said on Monday's Tonight Show. "You know things are out of control when Florida is worried about COVID." Also in Florida, "former President Trump is creating his own social media platform — if it goes according to plan, it's be the first thing he'll help go viral since the coronavirus," he deadpanned. "Meanwhile, not to be outdone, last week Joe Biden joined Tumblr on the stairs of Air Force One."

Biden is "facing a lot of challenges in his first 100 days," but staying upright was "his biggest challenge yet," Trevor Noah quipped at The Daily Show. And the White House made things worse. 'Why couldn't they just say that he tripped? Tripping on stairs is a normal thing," he said, showing former President Barack Obama and Vice President Mike Pence also tripping on Air Force One's stairs. "Saying you got blown over by the wind, that is so much weirder."

This is the second Spring Break of the pandemic, "but things are a little different now," Noah said. "At this time last year, many people hadn't started taking the pandemic seriously yet. But this year, they've stopped taking the pandemic seriously too soon."

The Late Show's Stephen Colbert's advised Miami Beach to skip the Spring Break curfews and "just invite a few dads — that party will be over quicker than you can say Sherwin Williams rewards points." Meanwhile, with Biden's 100 million vaccine promise delivered in just 58 days, "our new president is on a roll, baby! Nothing can stop him now — except stairs," he sighed. "He's fine. Can we blame it on the dog? ... No toilet paper on his shoe, though."

Seth Meyers played the clip of Biden tripping upstairs on Late Night — then, "in the interest of equal time," the clip of Trump walking up Air Force One's stairs with toilet paper on his show, ditching the umbrella, and other Trump foibles. "It's interesting, I feel like they're the opposite with stairs and COVID," he mused. "Like with COVID, Trump took no precautions, Biden took every precaution. But on stairs or ramps, Trump's super careful, always holding the railing, going real slow, whereas Biden throws caution to the wind, trips up stairs three times." Peter Weber