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Apple vs. Epic Games

Apple, Epic Games to go head-to-head in highly-anticipated antitrust trial

On Monday, a judge will begin hearing arguments in the highly-anticipated trial between Apple and Epic Games, the maker of the popular game Fortnite.

The conflict stems from an August incident, when Epic Games added a direct payment mechanism to Fortnite, bypassing Apple's requirement that its app makers and customers process all payments through Apple's system, which collects a 30 percent fee. Apple's App Store removed Fortnite for violating its terms, and Epic Games announced its antitrust lawsuit almost immediately afterward, citing "yet another example of Apple flexing its enormous power in order to impose unreasonable restraints and unlawfully maintain its 100 percent monopoly over the iOS In-App Payment Processing Market."

The trial, which is expected to last about three weeks, will involve both Epic's founder and CEO Tim Sweeney and Apple CEO Tim Cook taking the stand, The Washington Post reports. The result of the legal challenge "could remake the future of the digital economy," CNN writes.