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it's all in the family

Watch Ketanji Brown Jackson's husband get emotional during her opening remarks to the Senate

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson dedicated a portion of her opening remarks during Monday's confirmation hearing to her family and friends, introducing and honoring them for helping her arrive where she is today.

For her husband, the remarks were enough to bring tears to his eyes.

"Speaking of unconditional love, I'd like to introduce you to my husband of 25 years, Dr. Patrick Jackson. I have no doubt that without him by my side from the very beginning of this incredible professional journey, none of this would have been possible," Jackson said, as her husband, sitting behind her, subtly wiped his eyes.

"We met in college more than three decades ago, and since then, he's been the best husband, father, and friend I could ever imagine," she continued. "Patrick, I love you."

Jackson also dedicated a portion of her speech to her industrious parents, who taught her that "if I worked hard and I believed in myself, in America, I could do anything or be anything I wanted to be." She credited her father with her interest in law and public service, reflecting on how the latter virtue also cemented itself in her brother, who grew up to become a police officer and member of the armed forces. 

And to her daughters, Jackson had a very special message: "Girls, I know it has not been easy, as I've tried to navigate the challenges of juggling my career and motherhood. And I fully admit that I did not always get the balance right. But I hope that you've seen that with hard work, determination, and love, it can be done."

"I am so looking forward to seeing what each of you chooses to do with your amazing lives in this incredible country," she said. "I love you so much."