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getting high with jimmy john's

Sandwich chain offers 4/20 discounts based on how 'high' customers are

Sandwich chain Jimmy John's is offering customers a 4/20 discount on Wednesday based on how "high" they are, and you can take advantage of the deal without going anywhere near the devil's lettuce.

"How high are you this 4/20?" asks the promotional website gethighwithjimmyjohns.com. The "four twenty" meme likely originated in 1971 among four high school stoners who would meet at 4:20 p.m. to spark that loud spinach, The Independent explains. It has since become a near-universal euphemism for smoking marijuana.

Hoping to drive sales among munchie-stricken jazz cabbage enthusiasts, Jimmy John's prompts customers to "share your location and find out how high you are." But wait. What would my location have to do with it?

The website clarifies that the discount is based on how "high" you are "in elevation." This reporter's home in Alexandria, Virginia, is only 36 feet above sea level, only qualifying for 10 percent off. (And since it's a workday, I'm not that desperate for Jimmy John's, if you know what I mean.)

But even if you aren't particularly high (sorry, "elevated"), you might still save some money this 4/20. Morning Brew reported Tuesday that, despite rampant inflation, the price of the dankest herb has actually fallen. In Colorado, a pound of cannabis will set you back $799. Bud hasn't been that cheap since January 2019, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Of course, Colorado is also the country's "highest" state by average elevation, so really this sounds like a win-win.