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Herschel Walker's son Christian says he made 'a fool' of his family during Senate run

Conservative social media influencer Christian Walker wasted no time on Tuesday calling out his father, Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

Walker, a former football star at the University of Georgia and in the NFL, was handpicked by his friend, former President Donald Trump, to run for Senate. This fall, two women accused Walker of paying for their abortions, and after the first allegation was made, Christian tweeted that his father had previously threatened to kill him and his mother.

On Tuesday night, after multiple media outlets projected that Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) had defeated Walker in the Georgia Senate runoff,  Christian tweeted, "Don't beat women, hold guns to peoples' heads, fund abortions then pretend you're pro-life, stalk cheerleaders, leave your multiple minor children alone to chase more fame, lie, lie, lie, say stupid crap, and make a fool of your family. And then maybe you can win a Senate seat."

Christian accused his dad of holding "guns and knives" to his mother's throat and threatening to kill her, his therapist, and another woman. He also said Trump called Walker for several months "demanding" that he run for Senate, even though "everyone with a brain" begged him not to because of his "insane past. ... We got the middle finger. He ran." Republicans, he added, say "we don't play 'identity politics,'" but chose Walker "mainly because he was the same skin color as his opponent with no background other than football. A boring old Republican could have won."

Christian praised his mother Cindy, calling her "amazing" and asserting that she wanted "no part of this." She divorced Walker in 2003, and has since remarried. Christian said she lives "a quiet life," and he is "so happy she can rest now, and this bull crap is over with."