John Oliver is an immigrant — a "legal" one: He has permanent residency status — so of course he has views on the comprehensive immigration reform package wending its way through Congress. And, as summer host of The Daily Show, he gets a nice platform to share his views with us. (Spoiler: He's in favor.)

On Tuesday, Oliver devoted the bulk of the show to immigration politics. He pokes a little fun at Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) and Tim Kaine (Va.), but he is mostly annoyed at (and amused by) how Republicans are dealing with the tricky politics of reforming America's immigration system.

Oliver starts by pointing out that some Republicans are in favor of immigration reform, largely because, as articulated by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), the GOP needs to win over Latino voters or perish. Unfortunately (or, fortunately, depending on your tastes), Oliver used this occasion to once more break out his South Carolina accent.

After walking through (and mocking) various ways some Senate Republicans are trying to sink the bill, Oliver says that it might very well have enough momentum to pass. Riffing off the old Schoolhouse Rock cartoon on how a bill becomes a law (watch below), Oliver maps out the various obstacles the legislation will have to overcome to make it out of the Senate. The final obstacle to landing on President Obama's desk might prove too high, though, Oliver laments: The House GOP's "1,000-foot high border fence built out of ignorance and spite."

It's pretty clear by this point that Oliver isn't impressed by the level of debate in Washington on immigration reform. But in the wildcard segment, he finds one place in America where the immigration discussion is alive and active, and surprisingly cogent: WWE pro wrestling. The WWE debate even gets personal for Oliver, and he brings in a little muscle to properly taunt his new WWE nemesis. Watch: