County officials demolish home sold at auction
A Pennsylvania man who bought a house at a county auction was surprised to find on his first visit to his new property that the county had demolished it. Real estate investor Billie Joe Sanders purchased the run-down property for only $5,500, figuring he could renovate it and resell it. But county officials tore down the building shortly after selling it to him. “It was rat-infested and the roof had caved in,” says Washington County Recorder of Deeds Debbie Bardella, adding that Sanders is “better off” without the ramshackle house.

Kate Hudson breaks up with Alex Rodriguez

Kate Hudson and baseball star Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez broke up because he wouldn’t stop texting Madonna, says the London Sun. Rodriguez, 34, briefly dated the 51-year-old pop superstar before taking up with Hudson last spring. But a source says the Yankees third baseman was still consulting Madonna for advice through calls and text messages, enraging Hudson. “She gave him three chances then hit the roof,” said the source. “She said if Madonna is what A-Rod wants then she can have him.”

Spaniard invents Viagra-laced sheets
A Spanish man has invented an innovative set of bedsheets that have the impotence drug Viagra pre-infused into the fabric. Inventor Pep Torres, 44, says he was inspired by a study of German businessmen,  who complained that their demanding jobs left them too tired for sex. Torres claims that his Viagra-laced sheets allow the drug to seep into a man’s pores, leaving him—and even her—unable to “concentrate on anything except … well, you know.”