Time capsule ends up as garbage can
Santa Fe officials have figured out why they couldn’t find the 50-year-old time capsule due to be opened in 2010: The capsule was never buried.  A local newspaper has revealed that Santa Fe’s former mayor quietly gave up on the time capsule in 1960, when the city ran short of money. “Those were days of confusion, days of chaos,” the former mayor said. The capsule, a 150-pound iron tube, wound up being used as a garbage can in an office-supply store.

$43 million prenuptial is insufficient
A Swedish countess has asked a judge to negate her prenuptial agreement with the wealthy executive who is divorcing her, insisting she can’t possibly live on $43 million. Marie Douglas-David, 36, wants at least twice that much from former United Technologies Corp. chief executive George David, 67, saying she has weekly expenses of $53,000. Her attorney said  that David had figuratively “put a gun” to her head to get her to sign a prenup requiring her to survive on only $43 million.

Convincing the hospital with an urn of ashes
A British man got so fed up with a hospital bureaucracy that kept sending letters to his dead father that he showed up at the hospital with an urn containing his father’s ashes. Andrew Wild had received 20 letters reminding his father to show up for kidney treatment, even though he repeatedly told hospital staff his father had died in 2007. So Wild made an appointment and produced the ashes for a startled staff member. “I know it was morbid,” Wild said, “but I couldn’t think of what else to do.”