Beau hides engagement ring in a milkshake
A New Mexico woman accidentally swallowed her engagement ring after her boyfriend hid it in her milkshake as part of his proposal plan. After Kaitlin Whipple gulped down the entire drink, her beau, Reed Harris, realized she had not felt the ring in her mouth, as he assumed she would. They rushed to the emergency room, where an X-ray revealed the ring sitting in her stomach. It was eventually recovered, says Whipple, after friends “stocked me up on fiber and prune juice and everything we could think of.”

Madonna's It moments
Someone has anonymously sent Madonna 50 copies of Stephen King’s It, following reports that ex-husband Guy Ritchie likes to refer to her as “it.” Sources close to Ritchie told the London Sun last week that Ritchie has been heard saying, “It’s in a bad mood today” or “We can’t make it angry.” Now Madonna is being deluged with copies of King’s horror novel along with other It merchandise. “She’s received the packages at all of her addresses so she suspects they are from somebody she knows,” a source says. “And she’s furious.”

Orangutan at National Zoo starts to whistle
An orangutan at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., has stunned its minders by starting to whistle. Bonnie, 32, is reportedly the first orangutan ever documented making this sound—which is particularly surprising because nobody tried to teach her. “She decided to do it on her own,” says zookeeper Erin Stromberg, “Something made her want to whistle.” Stromberg theorizes that Bonnie was mimicking zoo staffers who whistle while they work.