Palazzo Versace's refrigerated beach
The Versace fashion house is opening a hotel that will feature the world’s first refrigerated beach. Summer temperatures in Dubai, site of the proposed Palazzo Versace hotel, can reach 122 degrees, making sand painfully hot. Guests at the Palazzo, however, will sunbathe in comfort thanks to a network of coolant-containing pipes beneath the hotel’s beach. “This is the kind of luxury that top people want,” said Soheil Abedian, president of Palazzo Versace.
Mariah Carey's perfect moment(s)
Mariah Carey asked her boyfriend to repeat his marriage proposal so she could capture the moment on video. Carey, 38, says she accepted the first proposal from musician Nick Cannon, 28, but the next day demanded a repeat performance. After a helicopter ride around New York’s Empire State Building, Cannon proposed again. “Someone was filming us this time,” Carey says, “because I wanted a record of the perfect moment.”

Prop knife replaced with real knife
Austrian police are investigating the case of an actor who slashed his own throat on stage using a knife that was supposed to be harmless. Daniel Hoevels, 30, collapsed in a pool of blood before a packed house at Vienna’s Burgtheater. Police are now interviewing stagehands to determine how Hoevels’ blunt prop knife came to be replaced by a razor-sharp real knife. He survived the incident, but according to one doctor, if he had “hit an artery or cut only slightly deeper he would have died onstage.”