Collie becomes frozen to sidewalk
An elderly dog is recovering after a night spent frozen to a Wisconsin sidewalk. Carey Payne, manager of a Humane Society shelter, says that Jiffy, 12, an overweight male border collie, was left outside in single-digit temperatures, and in the morning the dog’s belly and hindquarters were stuck to the sidewalk. “The layers of fat he had probably saved the dog’s life,” Payne said. She revived the dog by pouring “some warm water over his back end.”

Courtney Love's new sound
Courtney Love has stopped taking antidepressants so the album she’s recording will have an angrier sound. The 44-year-old musician says she misses the medication, but for the moment “my album producer wants me to feel the rage, wants me to be really angry and face the demons.” So far, says Love, the plan is working. “I’m not going to punch anybody,” says Love, “but I am so f---ing angry.”

Reassembling shredded money
A British garbageman who found about $15,000 in shredded banknotes in a bin may exchange the shreds for actual money, say bank officials, if he can tape the notes back together. A Bank of England spokeswoman said that garbageman Graham Hill could receive full value for any reassembled notes that meet the bank’s “evidence requirements,” including the presence of two intact serial numbers. Hill’s co-workers say they are rooting for him to tape enough notes back together “to get a round of drinks” at the sanitation department Christmas party.