A Serbian chef has released what is believed to be the world’s first testicle cookbook. Ljubomir Erovic, 45, has released Cooking with Balls as a downloadable e-book, including video of Erovic skinning and slicing various animals’ testicles for inclusion in such recipes as “Battered Testicles” and “Calf Testicles with Wine.” “The tastiest testicles, in my opinion, probably come from bulls, stallions, or ostriches,” says Erovic, “although other people have their own favorites.”

Why Britney Spears can't date
Britney Spears’ parents have banned her from dating for six months, says Britain’s Now magazine. The troubled singer, 26, has had a string of messy relationships, and ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib is now hawking a sex tape of her. Jamie and Lynne Spears are “desperate” to prevent another disaster that might hurt Britney’s mental stability or marketability, a source says. “Jamie and Lynne feel she’s so close to cracking the big time again that they don’t want anything to get in her way.”

A broker turned monk
A Wall Street broker has given it all up to become a monk in a Bulgarian monastery. Hristo Mishkov, 32, who sold high-tech stocks on the Nasdaq exchange, says he grew disillusioned with high finance and his luxurious Manhattan lifestyle. “If someone consumes more than they have earned,” he says, “it means someone else is starving.” Despite the career change, Mishkov continues to work a brutal schedule, rising at dawn to tend a herd of cheese-producing buffalo.