Cauterized dog wounds
A British dog survived being hit by a train because its wounds were instantly cauterized by the heat of the impact. Ray Davis, 62, says his pet Labrador, Homer, disappeared while being walked and was found three days later lying beside a railway. “He was ripped from his belly to his spine,” says Davis, but the heat of the train’s wheels had apparently “sealed the injury,” and vets were able to save Homer’s life.

Heigl's fish love
Katherine Heigl feels such compassion for all living things, says The National Enquirer, she paid a fisherman to throw back a fish. On vacation recently in Mexico, the Grey’s Anatomy star watched in horror, say witnesses, as a recreational angler working the end of a dock landed a 3-foot-long yellowfin tuna. Racing over, Heigl offered the man $100 to spare the gasping fish’s life. When he declined, she upped it to $200, and he pushed the tuna back into the sea. “Thanks,” said Heigl, handing over the money. “I hate to see anything die.”

Beaten by carp
An Arkansas teenager has had his jaw broken by a fish. Seth Russell, 15, was floating in an inner tube on Arkansas’ Lake Chicot when a Silver Asian carp leaped from the water and struck him in the face, knocking him unconscious and dislodging several teeth. Carole Engle, director of the University of Arkansas fisheries center, said there have been several such incidents on the lake in the past year, and acknowledged that the carps’ “jumping behavior is a problem.”