A German man is asking for his marriage to be annulled after finding out that his wife is a man. Farmer Wolfgang Zober, 55, says he fell in love with Randy Victoria, 38, over the Internet, and “was delighted when I met her and realized she was as lovely as her photographs.” It was only on the couple’s wedding night, says Zober, that “she told me she had a penis, and that her real name was Ralf.” Zober says he is devastated, not least because “Randy” seemed genuinely interested in his work. “I didn’t realize that was because she used to be a farmer herself.”

Football quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning are so close that they sometimes share the same bathroom stall, says the New York Daily News. A hostess at a bar in New York saw the brothers enter a stall together; suspecting that a tryst was underway, she began banging furiously on its door shouting, “Two men just can’t be in the bathroom!” To her relief and surprise, the door opened to reveal the winners of the last two Super Bowl MVP awards merely chatting while urinating.

A British man claiming to be 101 years old finished last week’s London Marathon in a respectable 12 hours, stopping halfway to smoke a cigarette and drink a pint of beer. Buster Martin, who may actually be 94, was trying to set a world’s record for oldest marathoner. He said that whatever his real age, his unusual choice of mid-race sustenance proved a point. “They say [cigarettes] and booze are bad for you, but I’m still here, aren’t I?”