July 22, 2014
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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has apparently cut all ties with President Obama.

After tension increased between Ankara and Washington over the conflict in Gaza, Erdogan said in a TV interview Monday that he has stopped all phone conversations with Obama. Turkey, an opponent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, "felt betrayed when the United States backed away from military action against Damascus in September," AFP reports.

"In the past, I was calling him directly," Erdogan said on the pro-government ATV channel. "Because I can't get the expected results on Syria, our foreign ministers are now talking to each other... I expect justice in this process. I couldn't imagine something like this from those who are championing justice."

AFP adds that Erdogan's last phone conversation with Obama was in February. Erdogan said he is, however, talking to Vice President Joe Biden. "He calls me, and I call him," Erdogan said. Meghan DeMaria

This just in
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On Monday, Senate Democrats blocked a Republican effort to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood with a mostly party-line vote of 53-46, seven votes shy of the 60 needed to advance.

The measure, sponsored by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), was in response to videos secretly recorded by anti-abortion activists that show officials from Planned Parenthood talking about providing medical researchers with tissue from aborted fetuses. Conservatives say that the organization is doing this illegally for profit, while Planned Parenthood denies the allegations and says the videos are edited. Conservatives in the House and Senate are already saying that in the fall, they will oppose any 2016 spending bills that include federal funding for Planned Parenthood, The Associated Press reports. Catherine Garcia

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A rivalry between two Harvard University student publications hilariously escalated this summer, to the point where one group not only pranked the other in epic fashion, but also Donald Trump.

It all started when staffers from the humor publication Harvard Lampoon stole The Harvard Crimson's treasured president's chair. The group's president asked for it back, but the pranksters had bigger plans underway. Weeks later, they published a parody Crimson editorial endorsing Donald Trump for president, complete with a photo of Trump sitting in the chair, surrounded by Lampoon staffers purporting to work for The Crimson.

The editorial, which the Lampoon staff wrote to the Trump campaign about their plans to publish, was a gem, as described by The Crimson:

An article, emblazoned with the headline "Crimson Endorses Trump for President" and signed "The Crimson Staff," cropped up online, claiming to tout the newspaper's support for the billionaire Republican primary candidate's bid for the presidency in 2016. Among other points, it dubbed him "a celebrity above all" and "the most formidable and competitive candidate on the Republican side." It also espoused his job creation record—specifically the supposed good work of The Celebrity Apprentice a reality show Trump has hosted. The editorial reasoned that the show helped "inactive or troubled" celebrities regain their fame and thus created jobs. [The Harvard Crimson]

The Crimson, being a typical college newspaper, has a history of endorsing Democrats. Julie Kliegman

planned parenthood
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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) announced Monday he is cutting Medicaid funding for the state's two Planned Parenthood clinics. The move comes in the midst of a Republican congressional push to defund the group after a controversial, covert video released by conservative activists last month showed Planned Parenthood discussing fetal tissue donations.

"Planned Parenthood does not represent the values of the people of Louisiana and shows a fundamental disrespect for human life," the presidential hopeful said in a statement.

The two Louisiana clinics don't offer abortions, Talking Points Memo reports. A third clinic being built in New Orleans will, but officials say they will not participate in the donation program.

The U.S. Senate is expected to fall a few votes shy of the 60 votes needed Monday to continue discussing defunding the organization. Julie Kliegman

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It's safe to say most kids don't like eating their broccoli unless their dessert privileges are at risk. But some kids are notoriously more picky than others, to the point where mealtimes at home and at daycare are routinely a real struggle. For those young children, selective eating is linked to conditions like depression and social anxiety as they grow up, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics on Monday.

Researchers followed more than 900 kids aged 2 to 6 for an average of three years. Kids considered moderately or severely picky were more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. The moderately picky bunch was also associated more often with separation anxiety and ADHD.

The study doesn't suggest that picky eating causes these conditions, though it is important to expose young children to new foods.

"I don't want people to think it's a foregone conclusion that if your child is a picky eater that they're going to be anxious or depressed,” University of Nebraska Medical Center director of innovation Laura Jana, who was not affiliated with the study, told The Wall Street Journal. Julie Kliegman

Gun Violence
3:31 p.m. ET
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James Holmes may face the death penalty for the 2012 shooting at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater. The jury decided Monday to move forward with sentencing, leaving the death penalty as an option, The Associated Press reports. They will hear another round of arguments before making a decision.

In July, Holmes was convicted on 165 charges for killing 12 people and attempting to kill 70 others after he opened fire during midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. He had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

If the jury sides against prosecutors pushing for the death penalty, Holmes would receive life in prison without parole. Julie Kliegman

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Prof. Aren Maeir, Director, Ackerman Family Bar-Ilan University Expedition to Gath

Archaeologists at Israel's Bar-Ilan University announced on Monday the discovery of a massive gate and other fortifications in the ruins of Gath, the hometown of the Bible's Goliath. The ancient gate is one of the largest ever discovered in Israel and evidence of the Philistine city's power in the 10th and ninth centuries B.C.E, head archaeologist Professor Aren Maeir says. It even made a brief appearance in the Bible when David, Goliath's slayer and future king of Israel, "acted like a madman, making marks on the doors of the gate and letting saliva run down his beard."

The research team also discovered an "impressive fortification wall," a temple, a smelting complex, and other buildings in Tel Zafit National Park, which contains the ancient city. King Hazael of Aram-Damascus is said to have razed Gath around 830 BCE — presumably via a single, well-placed pebble — and archaeologists are only now putting the pieces back together. Nico Lauricella

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It looks as if Donald Trump is about to get a taste of his own medicine. Gawker has published his phone number in retaliation for Trump sharing Sen. Lindsey Graham's last month. The website is encouraging its readers to call up the presidential hopeful and harass him with their questions.

Last month, American reality show entertainer turned American political system entertainer Donald Trump publicized presidential rival Sen. Lindsey Graham's cell number, urging his supporters to "try it." In the spirit of open and fair political debate, we now bring you Trump's number [...] He has some pressing questions to answer. Does he still think Mexicans are out to rape you? Speaking of rape, does he think it's possible to rape your own wife? Just how much did he exaggerate his net worth to hit the $10 billion figure? What about breast milk does he find so disgusting? Which cabinet position would he give Sarah Palin? Interesting topics, all. [Gawker]

Gawker also encourages readers to record their phone calls if they get through to Trump, and to send them to the site. It appears Gawker's new mission to be "20 percent nicer" does not apply to The Donald. Jeva Lange

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