A bizarre bid for beauty
Wealthy Manhattanites are rubbing bird poop into their faces in a bizarre bid for beauty. The luxury Shizuka New York salon charges $180 for a traditional Japanese treatment known as the “geisha facial,” which involves pasting a mix of imported Asian nightingale excrement and powdered rice bran onto a client’s face. Spa owner Shizuka Bernstein said that because the nightingales eat only seeds, their droppings contain a natural enzyme that helps rejuvenate the skin. “We don’t do Central Park [pigeon] facials,” she said, “because those birds eat garbage.”

Justin Bieber gets a warning
The German government has warned Justin Bieber that he needs to settle a $1,500 bill for his abandoned pet monkey, or else. German border guards confiscated the capuchin, Mally, in the spring when the pop star brought him into the country without the proper pet paperwork. The state has since spent at least $1,500 caring for Mally, said government spokesman Franz Boehmer. If Bieber doesn’t pony up, he said, customs officials “have ways of making him pay” the next time he visits Germany.

Deputy spikes pizza with pepper spray
A California teen got an unwanted topping on his pizza after a sheriff’s deputy allegedly spiked it with pepper spray. Orange County prosecutors said the unnamed 19-year-old was being written up for a traffic violation when Officer Juan Tavera arrived at the scene, reached into the back seat, and surreptitiously sprayed the pizza. The teen and four of his friends ate the pie and got sick. The deputy was charged with assault or battery by a public officer, and could face a year in jail.