Here's everything President Trump did in his first week

He's been busy

President Donald Trump has had a busy first week. From debating the size of his inauguration crowd to signing executive orders to fighting with Mexico, the president has proved he can do much more than sit around watching TV. Whether you're impressed with his efficiency or terrified by his impulsiveness, this much is for sure: It's Donald Trump's America and we're just living in it.


Donald Trump says he 'outworked everybody who ever ran for office'

Newspapers around the world wish America 'good luck' and hold their breath

Trump vows that 'we will get the job done' in first words as president

President Trump declares Jan. 20 the day 'the people became the rulers' again

Trump becomes the first president to say 'carnage,' 'bleed,' and 'tombstones' in an inauguration speech

The Trump White House is already undoing Obama's legacy

The Trumps take their first inaugural dance, to Sinatra's 'My Way'


Trump signs executive order targeting ObamaCare

Trump to attend interfaith National Prayer Service

The National Parks Service is grounded from Twitter after criticizing President Trump

The Justice Department says it's not illegal nepotism for Trump to hire his son-in-law


Trump pledges support for U.S. intelligence agencies, bashes press at CIA speech

Trump tweets response to Women's March protests: 'Why didn't these people vote?'

Kellyanne Conway says the White House used 'alternative facts' about the inaugural crowd size

Ethics lawyers to file lawsuit over foreign payments to Trump businesses

Counterintelligence agents reportedly probing Trump national security adviser's links to Russia


Kellyanne Conway flatly states that President Trump won't release his tax returns

China sees Trump's election as an opportunity to spread the values — and stability — of communism

President Trump was apparently 'surprised' by his own plan to cut regulations

Trump signs 3 executive orders, including withdrawal from TPP

A majority of Americans liked Trump's inaugural address, poll finds

Trump repeats widely debunked claim that millions of people voted illegally in the election


The Trump White House isn't accepting your comments by phone

Trump White House orders EPA to freeze all grants and contracts, reportedly stay mum about order

President Trump asks his staff to do things by scrawling in Sharpie on newspaper clippings

American automakers have created 'task forces' to monitor President Trump's tweeting

Trump tells automakers he'll impose 'regulations that mean something'

Trump signs executive action to move Keystone, Dakota Access pipeline projects forward

Trump has reportedly ordered a freeze on all EPA grants and contracts

Democrats are trying to stop Trump from launching nuclear weapons without congressional approval

After Trump orders several federal agencies not to tweet, Badlands National Park goes on a tweetstorm about climate change


President Trump threatens to 'send in the Feds' if Chicago doesn't 'fix' its 'carnage'

President Trump announces investigation over baseless claims of mass voter fraud

President Trump wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning and watches TV

President Trump's advisers are begging him to watch less TV

Reporters fret after White House press office sends 'propaganda'-like email lauding Trump's accomplishments

Trump administration 'flirts' with reviving black sites, torture

Trump signs two orders on immigration, including funding for border wall

President Trump issues stern threat to undocumented immigrants: 'We are going to get them out'


7 puzzling things Donald Trump said in his first presidential interview

Trump says the author of Pew study he cites is 'groveling' by denying vote fraud

President Trump slams 'traitor' Chelsea Manning for being 'ungrateful,' trashing Obama

Trump threatens to cancel meeting with Mexican president if Mexico won't pay for the border wall

Scientists say we're closer to the apocalypse — thanks to President Trump

All of the State Department's senior management officials just resigned

Mexican president cancels meeting with Trump over border wall

President Trump jokes he wanted to leave ObamaCare in place so 'the Dems would come begging'

6 people in Trump's inner circle have committed his definition of voter fraud

Trump proposes 20 percent import tax on Mexico to pay for the wall


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DOJ reportedly tells Trump he's a target of criminal investigation

Mike Pence says 'no one's above the law' but the DOJ should not indict Trump
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Mike Pence says 'no one's above the law' but the DOJ should not indict Trump

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Actor Jay Johnston arrested on Capitol attack charges

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