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trump saves print media

President Trump asks his staff to do things by scrawling in Sharpie on newspaper clippings

President Donald Trump is famously a Luddite, shying away from computers, email, and even phones. As a 21st century leader, though, that can lead to some odd ways of operating, Axios reports:

With an allergy to computers and phones, [President Trump] works the papers. With a black Sharpie in hand, he marks up the [New York] Times or other printed stories. When he wants action or response, he scrawls the staffers' names on that paper and either hands the clip to them in person, or has a staffer create a PDF of it — with handwritten commentary — and email it to them. An amazed senior adviser recently pulled out his phone to show us a string of the emailed PDFs, all demanding response. It was like something from the early 90s. Even when he gets worked up enough to tweet, Trump told us in our interview he will often simply dictate it, and let his staff hit "send" on Twitter. [Axios]

"[President Trump is] so old-school that he thinks it's awesome to go on 60 Minutes," one friend tried to explain.