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mr. trump goes to washington

President Trump wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning and watches TV

President Donald Trump has now spent five straight nights living at the White House, and it's already starting to feel like home, The New York Times reports. Even his morning routine starts the same as it did in New York:

[Trump's] mornings, he said, are spent as they were in Trump Tower. He rises before 6 a.m., watches television tuned to a cable channel in a small dining room in the West Wing, and looks through the morning newspapers: The New York Times, The New York Post, and now The Washington Post.

But his meetings now begin at 9 a.m., earlier than they used to, which significantly curtails his television time. Still, Mr. Trump, who does not read books, is able to end his evenings with plenty of television.

In between, Mr. Trump signs executive orders in the Oval Office and has meetings in the West Wing. [The New York Times]

Alas, even the leader of the free world needs to curb his TV time — though Trump's aides are reportedly begging him to watch less.