Last week's question: The New York State Supreme Court has ordered 30-year-old Michael Rotondo to move out of his parents' home, after he ignored multiple eviction notices from his mom and dad as well as their repeated request to please get a job. In seven words or fewer, come up with an advertising slogan for a legal firm that specializes in evicting millennials from their parents' homes.

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THE WINNER: "We’ll tear your heirs out"
Saul Jay Singer, Silver Spring, Maryland

SECOND PLACE: "We launch your failure"
Maryann Hooker, Media, Pennsylvania

THIRD PLACE: "The hands that lock out the cradled"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas


"Let legal eagles empty your nest"
Arnie Silverman, Murrysville, Pennsylvania

"Failures to launch resolved before lunch"
Suzanne Brooks, Quechee, Vermont

"Heir today, gone tomorrow"
D. Michael Eakin, Billings, Montana

"Results that work. When your children won’t"
Michael A. Hirst, Davis, California

"No more sleepovers for freeloaders"
Barbie Avery, Atlanta

"Parents love our bounce house services"
Brian Shyer, Claremont, California

"21 and done? Evictions are won!"
Sherrie Winters, Clifton Springs, New York

"Providing next generation removal services since 2016"
Mike Luby, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

"Forever in your heart, not your house"
Mac Connor, San Jose, California

"When offspring cling, give us a ring"
Phyllis Moore, Ormond Beach, Florida

"Gone with the kin"
Ed Bostick, Cartersville, Georgia

"We help empty the nest"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh

"Out, damned tot! Out!"
Bruce Carlson, Alexandria, Virginia

"For parents only, a simply moving experience"
Gary Whitehurst, Riverview, Florida

"The slacker attackers"
Laurie Smith, New York City