This week's question: A French chef is suing the Michelin Guide for downgrading him to two stars and accusing him of using cheddar cheese in a soufflé; chef Marc Veryat insists he used fine local cheeses that were colored yellow by saffron. "It's worse than a wound," he said. If Hollywood was to make a courtroom drama about Veryat's quest for justice, what could it be called?

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THE WINNER: "Dirty Gratin Scoundrels"
Kim Doyle, Woolwich, Maine

SECOND PLACE: "A Few Gouda Men"
Jason Winston, Riverside, California

THIRD PLACE: "A Star is Shorn"
David La Fever, Santa Rosa, California


"The Sue Chef"
Danny Guy Ball, Tampa, Florida

"Judgment at Jarlsberg"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh

"The Roquefort Files"
Patty Oberhausen, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"The Fault in Their Stars"
Dean Garland, Overland Park, Kansas

"Cheddar Call Saul"
Jim Arnold, Woodstock, Georgia

"The Pelican Brie"
Peter Gordon, Great Neck, New York

"Edam Brockovich"
Ivan Kershner, Salem, South Carolina

"No Whey Out"
Beth Simon, Oakland, California

"Inherit the Rind"
Ken Liebman, Williston, Vermont