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Chris Cuomo delivers Thanksgiving tirade on XM radio show: 'Don't come up at me with all this pilgrim stuff'

CNN anchor and SiriusXM host Chris Cuomo has a lot to say about the Thanksgiving holiday and its place in the pantheon of historical celebrations.

On the latest edition of his XM radio show Let's Get After it, Cuomo shared his love for Thanksgiving while simultaneously railing against the "woke folk" who "evaluate it and other historical celebrations within often ghastly historical context," Mediaite writes. 

Cuomo began by telling his producer Thanksgiving is the only holiday he really likes, though he appreciates Easter for its religious message of rebirth and renewal. "Boy, do we need that s**t," he said.

"Christmas doesn't do it for me. Halloween, candy, New Year's, depressing," he continued.

And after rifling through a few other holidays, Cuomo came back to Thanksgiving, calling it his "jam." 

"And now," he countered, "you woke folk are trying to kill it for me. My kids, beating me down."

"Listen, man, you know, don't come up at me with all this pilgrim stuff," he continued, noting he is a second-generation American. "I don't give a damn about the pilgrims and the indigenous people, the Native Americans, the Indians, wherever, whatever, whatever group of them wants to be called," he said. "I don't care about any of that."

The host explained that he does care about "the suffrage" and "the exploitation," but "I don't need that story for Thanksgiving. I don't need it at all, man."

Cuomo began wrapping up by cautioning against the cancellation of history or historical figures, suggesting it would lead to the cancellation of America itself, then concluded by telling people to "stop seeing your happiness as a function of taking someone else down."

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