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U.S. COVID-19 hospitalizations are ticking up again as Delta variant spreads

With the more transmissible Delta variant spreading throughout the United States, COVID-19 hospitalizations are trending upward in more than two dozen states, New York Times data shows. Overall, the U.S. has seen an 11 percent hike in the last 14 days.

While there are a few outliers on either end, there is a clear correlation between vaccination and rising cases and hospitalizations, with the Times writing that the increase in cases is "primarily due to localized outbreaks in places with low vaccination" numbers. 

For instance, of the states with the highest inoculation rates, only one has seen an uptick in hospitalizations over the last two weeks, per the Times data. That's Rhode Island, which has recorded a 1 percent increase. On the other end of the spectrum, 12 of the 15 states with the lowest vaccination rates have reported an increase in hospitalizations, some of them significant.

The figures suggest the three COVID-19 shots that have been authorized for emergency use are still holding their own against the Delta variant, especially when it comes to severe infections — but a stagnant rollout could contribute to another surge.