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Over 30,000 people were locked inside Shanghai Disneyland over a single COVID-19 case

Over 30,000 Shanghai Disneyland visitors ended up trapped inside the park on Sunday after a single coronavirus case.

The park was locked down on Halloween after a visitor tested positive for COVID-19, and Shanghai Disneyland subsequently tested almost 34,000 people before visitors could leave, The Wall Street Journal reports. The Shanghai government said all of the test results came back negative, CNN reports, though according to the Journal, those who visited the park "were ordered to self-isolate for another 24 hours before a second test." If this second test comes back negative, "visitors will be asked to observe 12 days of health-monitoring and take more tests," CNN writes

Shanghai Disneyland will now be closed on Monday and Tuesday "in order to follow the requirement of pandemic prevention and control," the park's website said.

This lockdown comes as China has recently been "the only country still chasing full eradication of the virus," as The New York Times writes, with the Chinese government having recently locked down a city of about four million people over a small outbreak, among other measures. According to The Wall Street Journal, as the thousands of people underwent COVID-19 tests at Shanghai Disneyland, they were entertained by a fireworks show that still went on as scheduled.