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Rittenhouse riots

Riot breaks out in Portland after Rittenhouse verdict, Kenosha remains peaceful

Protestors reacting to Kyle Rittenhouse's exoneration broke windows and threw rocks at police officers in Portland, Oregon, Friday night, the New York Post reported.

Local law enforcement said they had expected some upheaval in response to a not-guilty verdict. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office declared a riot around 9 p.m. after demonstrators began breaking the windows of city buildings and hurling objects at cops. Protestors also defaced property with graffiti that read, "Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty" and "No just verdict." Others discussed the possibility of burning down the city's Justice Center, according to CBS affiliate KOIN. The Justice Center contains the police bureau headquarters, courtrooms, and a county jail.

Police devoted considerable resources to containing the riot, leading to increased response times for routine 911 calls. The crowd had mostly dispersed by 11 p.m. As of late Friday night, no arrests had been announced.

Kenosha, Wisconsin, the site of the Rittenhouse trial, has not seen similar riots, only a small, peaceful demonstration. During the days leading up to the verdict, three people were arrested outside the Kenosha County Courthouse.

At press time, 500 National Guard troops remain on standby outside Kenosha.