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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married

Second time's the charm! 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have officially tied the knot in Las Vegas. Records indicated the couple obtained a marriage license on July 16 in Clark County, Nevada — and Lopez appears to have taken Affleck's last name

Lopez and Affleck finally made it down the aisle 20 years after they were first engaged in 2002. But they postponed — and ultimately called off — their wedding, citing the "excessive media attention" surrounding it. "When we found ourselves seriously contemplating hiring three separate 'decoy brides' at three different locations, we realized that something was awry," they said at the time.

After their break-up, Affleck went on to marry Jennifer Garner, while Lopez married Marc Anthony. Lopez was also engaged to Alex Rodriguez, but they split in 2021, and later that year, it was revealed that she rekindled her romance with Affleck from almost two decades earlier. 

The two confirmed their engagement in April after Affleck proposed to Lopez while she was in the bath at home. "I was taken totally off guard and just looked in his eyes smiling and crying at the same time trying hard to get my head around the fact that after 20 years this was happening all over again," Lopez wrote in her newsletter, and they've since been spotted looking for a house together. 

"I feel so lucky and happy and proud to be with him," Lopez previously told People. "It's a beautiful love story that we got a second chance."