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A Mystery of Pittsburgh

This might be the dumbest play in Major League Baseball history

The Pittsburgh Pirates haven't won the World Series since 1979, haven't been to the playoffs since 2015, and haven't had a player of note since Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole both departed after the 2017 season. But Pirates first baseman Will Craig made his own dubious history in a game against the Chicago Cubs on Thursday, with what may be charitably described as one of the worst fielding decisions in professional baseball's 152 years. 

In the top of the third inning — with two outs and a runner on second base — the Cubs' Javier Báez hit a routine ground ball to third base. Pirates third baseman Erik Gonzalez threw wide to first, pulling Craig off the base; Craig, instead of merely retreating to the bag to end the inning, made the fateful decision to tag Báez. That tag never came. Watch the full video below, if you dare; calliope music not currently included.