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Trump reportedly refused a vegan charity challenge: 'If I lose even one brain cell, we're f---ed'

Looks like former President Donald Trump is a carnivore through and through — but not for exactly the reasons you might think.

According to ex-Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham's new administration tell-all I'll Take Your Questions Now: My Time in the Trump White House, Trump once denied a challenge to go vegan for charity because he worried it would mess with his brain function.

The challenger, a young boy who appealed to the president in TV ads and highway billboards, represented a charity who would donate $1 million to veterans if Trump agreed to remove animal products from his diet. Grisham, who was communications director at the time, said she "playfully asked the president if he would ever consider doing that," according to an excerpt of the book obtained by Politico. "I knew he loved his steaks and cheeseburgers, but one month didn't seem that long," she wrote.

Trump apparently responded seriously and quickly: "No, no. It messes with your body chemistry, your brain," per Grisham. "And if I lose even one brain cell, we're f---ed." 

You can say that again. Read more at Politico.