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Ex-Trump aide Stephanie Grisham warns 'the 1/6 crowd' could fill a 2024 Trump White House

Ex-press secretary for former President Donald Trump Stephanie Grisham admitted that the thought of a 2024 Trump administration keeps her up at night. 

"The fact that [Trump] is the frontrunner right now if he were to run for office is scaring me," said Grisham during a Tuesday morning appearance on CNN's New Day. "That's because if he gets into office, he doesn't run for re-election again. He'll be able to do whatever he wants."

Grisham warned of "retribution," "revenge," and "very Draconian policies" in the ex-president's 2024 White House, and "they're not going to care because they don't have to run for re-election again."

She even went on to prep viewers for the possibility of a "patriot"-filled administration: "If people think that the people in [the former] Trump White House were bad perhaps, I have a feeling the 1/6 crowd might be working in the White House in 2024. Or the Sidney Powells, or the Rudy Giulianis."

"The amount of things knowing what I know that could happen...it scares me," she added.

Grisham also discussed the former administration's use of Fox News, her role in the COVID-19 crisis, and how she worries she harmed democracy.