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'strongly believe in many of the same policies'

Trump says he and Glenn Youngkin are not 'at odds' despite what 'the perverts' say

Former President Donald Trump weighed in on Virginia's gubernatorial election one day out by responding to "the perverts" who say he and Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin don't "like each other." 

Trump in a statement on Monday said he and Republican gubernatorial candidate Youngkin "get along very well together and strongly believe in many of the same policies," and he blamed the media and "some of the perverts" for trying to "create an impression that" they "are at odds and don't like each other." Trump also claimed "perverts" are trying to "convince people that we do not like each other" so that his base won't vote in the election. Despite urging his supporters to get out and vote, Trump also baselessly cast doubt on the "integrity of Virginia's elections." President Biden won the state in the 2020 election. 

Youngkin has "tried to maintain some distance from Trump, including avoiding publicly campaigning with him and apparently not engaging in an upcoming tele-rally Trump is holding for the candidate," CNN writes. Youngkin has said, though, that he's "honored" to have received the former president's endorsement. During a recent rally in support of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, President Biden described Youngkin as an "acolyte of Donald Trump."