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Tucker Carlson invites Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend on his show: 'We want to hear your story'

Tucker Carlson is continuing to defend rapper Nicki Minaj over her controversial vaccine tweets — and he's now looking to speak with the person at the center of her strange anecdote. 

The Fox News host on Tuesday again discussed Minaj's tweets revealing that she's unvaccinated and baselessly claiming her cousin in Trinidad has a friend who "became impotent" from a COVID-19 vaccine and whose "testicles became swollen," leading his fiancé to call off their wedding. Health officials including Dr. Anthony Fauci quickly pointed out this isn't a side effect of the vaccine. But on his show Monday, Carlson described Minaj's tweets as "sensible," and in a lengthier segment on Tuesday, he praised Minaj as "one of the few people who can speak outside the filter," while declaring he isn't "taking a position on the private parts of Nicki Minaj cousin's friend in Trinidad."

But Carlson also directly addressed that friend, wanting him to share his alleged story on the show.

"We haven't been able to figure out whether this show is broadcast in Trinidad, but if Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend is watching, or his former fiancé is watching, we want to hear your story," Carlson said. "We'll come to Port of Spain to see you. Let us know." 

Asked about Minaj's tweets by CNN's Jake Tapper on Tuesday, Fauci noted there's "no evidence" of COVID-19 vaccines leading to reproductive issues, "nor is there any mechanistic reason to imagine that it would happen." He added that Minaj "should be thinking twice" about spreading false information to her followers.