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This California couple hid cash in baby products to surprise new parents

Newborns are expensive — from diapers to bottles to onesies, all of the essentials add up. No one knows this more than Krystal and Patrick Duhaney, a husband and wife living in Southern California who have an 8 year old, a 5 year old, and a baby on the way.

It hasn't been that long since they welcomed their first child, but Krystal told Today Parents that during a recent trip to Target, they were surprised by the high prices of baby necessities. "We recalled how hard it was for us as new parents to afford some of the basics," said Krystal, a nurse and lactation consultant. "And we could imagine how difficult it must be during this pandemic."

They came up with an idea to help others who might need a boost right now: Krystal and Patrick tucked cash into diaper boxes, packages of bottles, and under formula lids (making sure to never break any seals or tamper with the product). They went to three Target stores near their home, hiding about $1,000. 

Krystal told Today Parents that having her family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors assist with meals and chores around the house helped so much after she had her first two babies, and "I wanted other parents who may be feeling alone to know someone out there cares about them." It's her hope that others will be encouraged to do what they can to help the new parents in their lives, because "the world needs more kindness."