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Israel raids bomb lab, killing 5 Palestinian gunmen

A group of Israeli forces raided a Palestinian armed group's bomb lab Tuesday, The Associated Press reported, resulting in the destruction of the lab and the death of five Palestinians. 

The Israeli military conducted the raid in Nablus, the second-largest city on the West Bank. The five deaths marked one of the West Bank's deadliest encounters this year, and the Palestinian Health Ministry told AP an additional 20 people were injured. 

The target of the raid was reportedly a group of Palestinian gunmen who call themselves the Lions' Den. Israel said the group was responsible for the recent shooting of an Israeli soldier and several additional attacks.

In a press conference, Israeli Prime Minister Lair Lapid said Wadee al-Houh, one of the leaders of the Lions' Den, was killed in the raid, The Times of Israel reported. Lapid added that the operation was an "accurate and deadly strike at the heart of terror infrastructure trying to carry out attacks."

Following news of the raid, Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip began striking, with stores being shuttered in numerous Palestinian-majority cities. Protesting eventually turned violent when Israeli troops exchanged gunfire with a Palestinian man who reportedly threw explosives at them.

A spokesperson for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called the raid a "war crime." At least 125 Palestinians have died during fighting this year, though Israel said the majority of those killed were militarized combatants.