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Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host Wanda Sykes tries to help white people find 1 Black friend

Wanda Sykes closed out her run as Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host Thursday night, and she revved up her increasingly elaborate explanation for Kimmel's summer absence with a doctored news video of a half-naked roof-jumping 'roid-rager. She also helped one lucky contestant win a Black friend. 

"Now that things are opening up and folks are getting back out there, I wanted to do my part to bring people together," Sykes said. "I've said many times that I believe that every white person should have at least one Black friend," she added. "Well, tonight I thought I would take matters into my own hands, in a game I call 'Who Wants to Win a Black Friend?'" Was her game show a little awkward? Yes! But American men, especially, need friends these days, and the game show did produce a winner. Watch below.