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Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon laugh at NATO leaders photo, give Ted Cruz a special Jackson hearings prize

"Earlier today, President Biden was in Brussels to meet with NATO leaders for an emergency summit on Russia," Jimmy Fallon said on Thursday's Tonight Show. "When they voted on a resolution to condemn Putin, 30 leaders voted yay and one office plant voted 'nyet.'"

"Yeah, it was an emergency summit, but don't worry, NATO leaders still had time for a family photo," Fallon said, poking fun at various aspects of the image. "That's either a NATO summit or a Conference for Men Who Don't Know What to Do With Their Arms photo." He took special care to laugh at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Yes, the NATO leaders "put out a forceful statement warning Russia not to use chemical or nuclear weapons on Ukraine — and also posed for a series of awkward photographs," Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live. "That uncomfortable-looking individual is Boris Johnson," who "has been criticized heavily at home for going to parties during COVID, but he was all by his lonesome today." 

Former President Donald Trump, who just sued Hillary Clinton over the 2016 election, "has also been meddling in the Republican primaries," Kimmel said. "Yesterday he retracted multiple endorsements from one of his bigliest enablers in Congress, Mo Brooks of Alabama. He's mad at Mo because Mo had the audacity to urge voters at a rally to move on from the 2020 election." Brooks' "Twitter profile was 'Mo Brooks — Endorsed by President Trump,' that was like his name, and his commercials were all Donald Trump all the time," he said. "But now that Boss Baby has cut him loose," Brooks is "spilling the beans."

"Today marked the final day of the Supreme Court hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson," and "Ted Cruz, he even out-slimed himself this week," Kimmel said. Cruz's false attacks on the children's book Antiracist Baby shot it to No. 1 on Amazon, and "if you were wondering what Ted Cruz was really focused on during the hearing, somebody got a shot of him on his phone yesterday searching for his own name on Twitter. How embarrassing. And can you imagine being Ted Cruz and still wanting to know what people were saying about you online?" But Cruz wasn't alone, and Kimmel doled out "Awful People's Choice Awards" to some of Cruz's Judiciary Committee colleagues. Cruz himself got the "Outstanding Supporting Actress" nod.