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Biden gets thumbs up from Macron, who says U.S. is 'definitely' back

President Biden is fond of saying the United States is "back," and, on Saturday, he got a nod of approval from French President Emmanuel Macron.

After the Trump administration's more unpredictable, occasionally go-it-alone approach, Biden has made it clear to U.S. allies during his campaign and upon taking office that Washington would once again participate in addressing global issues multilaterally.

So, on Saturday, after a sit-down with Macron in the United Kingdom, where the two are participating in a Group of Seven summit, Biden was asked if he believes he's been able to convince the other leaders of America's return to the fold. Biden then pointed to Macron, and said "ask him." Macron obliged, saying "definitely."

Earlier during their chat, Macron told Biden that he's demonstrated that "leadership is partnership" and said "it's great to have the U.S. president [as] part of the club," CNN reports.