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Biden spoke most about COVID and his domestic agenda during his 1st year, analysis finds

During his first year in the White House, President Biden spoke most often about the ongoing pandemic, followed by his domestic agenda, the economy, and foreign policy, purports a new analysis from CNN.

Of the at least 264 public addresses Biden has made since taking office on Jan. 20, 2021, the president has talked about COVID-19 a reported 55 times, and his domestic agenda — including the American Rescue Plan, the bipartisan infrastructure framework, and the Build Back Better Act — roughly 49 times, CNN reports.

He's spoken about the economy a reported 31 times, foreign policy 26 times (which includes, of course, the withdrawal from Afghanistan in August), and natural disasters 15 times.

What Biden talked about the most during his first year, CNN.


CNN did not include "remarks at the top of meetings with world leaders captured in pool sprays, gaggles, or press conferences," or "network interviews or CNN town halls" in its 264-address tally. Its chart also does not include any of Biden's "65 miscellaneous addresses, such as those given for holidays." 

CNN gathered the data per an analysis of the president's public schedules. See more at CNN.