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Watch the Easter Bunny interrupt Biden discussing Afghanistan at the White House egg roll

President Biden was discussing foreign policy at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday when the Easter Bunny appeared, interrupting his conversation and leading him away before he could resume it, videos shared to Twitter show.

"Pakistan should not, and Afghanistan should be — " the president can be heard saying to a group of people before other voices drown him out. It's unclear what question Biden was responding to, though he may have been commenting on the ouster of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was removed from office by a parliamentary no-confidence vote on April 10 and was a strong supporter of Afghanistan's Taliban government.

A voice off-screen says, "Oh! The Easter Bunny! Easy, Mr. President," as a rabbit-suited person approaches from Biden's right. The bunny, who some commenters claim was a White House press aide, shoves the president slightly to the side, and steps between Biden and the crowd. It then waves its paws in the president's face as though trying to get the attention of someone very far away, even though only around 18 inches separated the two.

Finally, the Easter Bunny gestures with a paw that Biden should walk off in the direction from which the leporine interloper came. Biden dutifully complies.

"I'm constantly being asked who's really running the country. Well, now we know: the Easter Bunny," political commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted in response.