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Biden's COVID symptoms 'almost completely resolved,' says White House doctor

President Biden's COVID-19 symptoms have "almost completely resolved," White House doctor Kevin O'Connor said in a Monday letter.

"When questioned, at this point he only notes some residual nasal congestion and minimal hoarseness," O'Connor wrote, noting Biden is also "responding to therapy as expected." The president's pulse, blood pressure, and temperature remain "absolutely normal," he added. 

Biden, who tested positive for the virus on Thursday, finished his fourth full day of Paxlovid antiviral treatment on Sunday. The treatment is typically administered twice a day for five days, notes NBC News. The president will only leave isolation once the recommended five-day quarantine period has ended and he has received a negative COVID test.

Later, while speaking with reporters via video, Biden said he is "feeling great," and has had two full nights of sleep. The New York Times' Peter Baker noted that the commander in chief "looked well" on the feed.

The president also on Monday met virtually with industry leaders to discuss strengthening the U.S. semiconductor sector.