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After searching a beach every morning for a year, man finds 2 megalodon teeth in 3 weeks

Over the last year, art curator Jacob Danner has been waking at sunrise to walk along Fernandina Beach in Florida, on the lookout for interesting items that have washed ashore.

Three weeks ago, he finally found something: a megalodon tooth measuring three inches long and in good condition. He was thrilled to have discovered a treasure, and then last Thursday, he stumbled upon another megalodon tooth, this time one that was four inches long. "It makes you want to spend your whole day hunting, thinking that more must be out there," he told CNN. 

The extinct megalodon was the largest shark that ever lived, and could reach up to 60 feet. Amateur collectors enjoy trying to find the biggest megalodon teeth in the best possible condition, and Danner said he keeps turning over his prize "every which way and holding it in my hand, just imagining the millions of years of history that I'm just holding right there."