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Dog brothers adopted in different states are reunited, thanks to DNA testing

Many long-lost siblings have been reunited because of ancestry DNA tests — and that goes for canines, too.

Andrea Riggle of Houston, Texas, adopted a dog named Renlee about the same time Melanie Morrison of Springfield, Oregon, adopted a dog named Sir Lancelot. Wanting to know more about Renlee's breed background, Riggle did a Wisdom Panel DNA test on him, but didn't log back into the website to learn more information. Morrison used the same DNA test on Sir Lancelot, but did click on the "relatives" tab and found out that he had a brother: Renlee.

Morrison wanted to find Renlee, and after digging around, was able to track down a friend of Riggle's on Instagram. The friend passed along Morrison's message to Riggle, and soon the women were talking and planning a brother reunion in Los Angeles. They documented their journeys from Texas and Oregon to California, capturing Renlee and Sir Lancelot swimming in hotel pools and lounging in beds.

On the day of the reunion, the brothers — who share a mom and dad and were likely from the same litter — immediately ran to each other and started to play, their tails wagging the entire time.